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Thirteen species were marked as extinct from the country in IUCN Red List of 2000 which are reassessed along with all other species in 2015. Among 1619 species of Bangladesh. 31 species are listed as extinct from the country i.e. regionally extinct. Among these 31 species 11 are mammals, 19 are birds and 1 is a reptile. Ten species of mammals were evaluated as Extinct in the previous Red List. Among these extinct species Gaur and Hog Deer have been rediscovered during the last decade. However, the recent edition of the Red List listed one species of mammal, the Sloth Bear, as Extinct from the country. Two birds were assessed as extinct in Red List 2000 which are also included in the present assessment. According to the present assessment 17 bird species are newly declared as regionally extinct. Marsh Crocodile (Reptile) was listed in the Red List 2000 extinct list, which is also assessed as extinct from Bangladesh in Red List 2015.