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Programs for the Forestry Sub-Sector for 8th Five Year Plan
Period (2021-25)


8.6.3 Objectives of the Forest Sub-Sector during the 8FYP

The development vision of the forest sector is aligned with the Bangladesh Forestry Master Plan 2016-36 and National Forest Policy 2016 and other climate change and natural resources conservation plans. The objective of the forest sub-sector in the 8th Five Year Plan is to conserve and protect all existing forests, wildlife and other forestry resources, adhering to the principles of sustainable management and climate resilience; enrich degraded forest areas; and enhance land areas under forest/tree cover.


The specific strategic objectives and targets are as follows:

Sl. No.

Objectives Targets



Bring 24% of the country’s land under tree cover by the end of 2025.

· Hill Forest Restoration-1,30,580ha.

· Plainland Sal Forest Restoration- 7,220ha.

· Reed land- 1500 ha.

· Agor plantation- 500 ha.

· Bamboo and cane plantation- 2000ha.

· Strip plantation- 15,000 km.

· Homestead/institutional planting and seedling distribution/sale- 100 million

· Medicinal Plantation-1200 ha.

· Rare and Endangered Spp. (Seed Orchard and Arboretum Plantation)- 600ha.

· Management of bamboo regeneration area-10,000 ha


Conserve eco-systems for biodiversity improvement.

· Co-management in PA -72,000 ha.

· Wildlife Protection (SMART patrolling in all PA and Combat transboundary wildlife crime)

· Species Conservation programme (Tiger, Elephant, Gharial, Dolphin, Vulture, Shark and ray etc.)

· Habitat improvement-10,000 ha.

· Wildlife corridor identification and plantation-5,000 ha.

· Conduct one National forest inventory.

· Establishment of Two Tissues-Culture Lab and

· related research

· Establishment of Seed orchard – 2 Nos

· Capacity development:

· Capacity development of FD and BFRI personnel -4,078 Persons · Programme Participants and local stakeholder-3,21,630Man Days

· Infrastructure Development at Division and Field level-1,000 Nos.

· Prey and predator survey in Sundarbans.

· Identification of wildlife habitat and corridors.


Mitigate climate change impacts and increase adaptive capability.

· Mangrove plantation- 50,000ha.

· Enrichment planting (Mangrove)-2,700ha.

· Jhaw-900ha.

· Golpata-1400KM

· Conduct of one GHG Inventory


Improve socio-economic condition of local poor and forest dependent communities

· Ecotourism development in Protected Area- 40 Nos.

· Scale-up alternative income generating activity for forest dependent communities-55,000 nos. families.

· Participatory/collaborative and sustainable management of NTFPs-40Nos. PAs-55,000 nos. families.