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In Bangladesh, 100% of the villages are individually owned. In 1981, a village forest inventory was conducted (Hammermaster1981). After a long time this forest was assessed during the National Forest and Tree Resources assessment in 2005-07. It was found from the assessment that almost all the village areas is covered by trees. Only a very small fraction of the village area has a very high tree cover. Also a very small area has no tree cover at all. Below table is showing the village areas by tree cover classes.


Table: Village areas by tree cover classes (1000 ha)


No Tree cover

Tree Cover <5%

Tree Cover 5%-10%

Tree Cover 30%

Tree Cover 30%-70%

Tree Cover >70%








Figure: Village areas by tree cover classes (%)


According to the inventory, the gross volumes from trees with Dbh ≥20cm were calculated for the land use classes. The gross volume for the village forest 36.1 cubic meter per hectare and commercial volume 28.2 cubic meter per hectare. The total gross volume for the village forest is 103 million cubic meter and commercial volume is 81 million cubic meter. 50% of the total gross volume, and more than 50% of the total commercial volume, can be found in the villages and four most common species (Cocos nucifera, Samanea saman, Mangifera indica and Areca catechu) represent almost 50% of the gross volume in villages.